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9 April 1987

My name is Kristi or Krispi, maybe even Mitch if you feel so inclined.

I drive my Hyundai Accent GT i totaled that motherfucker, NOW i drive my Kia Rio around the greater LA area with occasional visits to Santa Barbara. (yes, that's near the OC).
Although i am continually amazed each day by the people around me i never cease to want to learn more.
My favourite activities include weeding through old ladies purses and taking Ex-Lax. As you can see here.
The most important people in my life are my friends. I love them more than words can express.
I spend many hours of the day watching flash animations, drawing, painting, editing, and writing.
Filming is my passion, although anal fisting is a close second.

In life i hope to someday accomplish Greatness, probably not.

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